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AvalonLink Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions Pertaining to Search Engine Placement:

  1. Summary

    AvalonLink LLC (hereafter Provider) will design ads for and provide Client with placement on Keywords
    which trigger display of those ads in the sponsored links section of the Google™ search engine located at

  2. Term

    Provider will provide service for the duration of the term negotiated with Client and specified in
    proposal, quote, or receipt form. Unless otherwise negotiated, Term lasts one month, beginning and
    ending on the same calendar date as the original payment transaction.

  3. Payment

    Payment type is to be negotiated with Client and specified in proposal, quote or receipt form.

  4. Renewal

    If payment is by credit card payment will recur automatically on a revolving basis at the beginning of
    each term unless otherwise agreed upon and specified in proposal, quote, or receipt form. Renewal is
    discretionay on the part of Provider. Client will provide notice of cancellation or changes no less than
    seven (7) days from beginning of the next term. Changes to Client account that affect cost will be prorated
    if they raise the account total, or applied to the following term if they result in a credit unless
    otherwise agreed upon.

  5. Service & Guarantees

    Provider will provide service & guarantees according to the conditions specific to each Product outlined

  6. Refunds

    If Client is unsatisfied with service Client may cancel at any time and is entitled to a refund of the prorated
    amount for the remainder of the term.

  7. Representation

    Provider is not responsible for false representation by an employee of the Client company and Client is
    not entitled to any additional refund other than the pro‐rated amount for the remainder of the term
    under the normal cancellation policy.

  8. Affiliation

    AvalonLink LLC is an independant agency and is not affiliated with Google™ or it’s partners.