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UFO MMA Promotional Materials

I was recently contracted come up with promotional materials including logo, printed posters, handouts, website, etc. for a new MMA promotion call UFO United Fighting Organization. The UFO plans on holding events around the country at major venues featuring fighters from America and all over the world. These will be televised in the future and promoted through streaming video.

This was an interesting project as I’ve been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts for years, especially the PRIDE organization in Japan. Branding in MMA is quite extensive as it’s a very image conscious market and promotions, apparel companies, supplement manufacturers, energy drinks and others all compete heavily for the MMA consumer’s attention. Thus the challenge is to create a unique brand that people haven’t seen before while keeping it exciting and sophisticated.

Here’s the final logo:

ufo ultimate fighting organization mma logo

UFO Ultimate Fighting Organization Logo

After doing some concept work in 2d with Illustrator I switched to 3d for an interesting flame effect. The client was interested in a globe for the logo, which is great but this is very overused element so I wanted to give it a new twist. I came up with a burning incendiary atmosphere, solar flares and all surrounding the world.

This was perfect for the client because the logo can be blown up as large as we like for HD video and print (billboards, ring mat stickers) and it can also be animated in the future for television.

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